Saturday, December 18, 2010

Syukur syukurlahhh :)

You give me so much
You wait all day for a nod
A prayer or a thought
A thankful part of my heart

Looking back on my life
Life that's gladly been given to me
Open my eyes and embrace the smile
Given to me
Looking back on my life
No regret only the sweet journey
Lessons from the simple steps
Taking by me

If I worship You in fear of hell, burn me in it
And if I worship You in hope of paradise, exclude me from it
But if I worship You for Your own being
Don't withhold from me Your everlasting beauty

Appreciating is something I be forgetting
Every second, 24/7, I'm a forgetful servant, I gotta be praying though
Appreciating, when suffering, calamities call,
My soul be hospitalized and all gonna be alright :)

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